Peter Kinney's Art
An Artist's Statement by Peter Kinney

My art is a search for the spirit, rather than the letter, of the
land; an inner essence of me and the earth intertwined. It may
celebrate discovery of materials, a location, flights of imagination,
wildlife, personal myth, and more.

I love wild and remote areas, such as the canyon lands of

I collect interesting earths and muds during my travels and
use them as a basis for my Earth Paintings.

I also use grasses, twigs,
bones and shells within my work, and to manipulate my materials.

I am inspired by what I see in the landscape, but also by what
play, accident, and my imagination can suggest, and conjure, as I
work, including humor and symbol.

As I wrote to a friend while on a camping trip one summer:

“Though I am buried in the mud, I look upward; I love the clouds,
and I continually throw water on my eyes.”

I use a clear acrylic medium to fix my materials firmly to heavy
(300lb) Fabriano watercolor paper. I frame my work with tan
maple wood, glass in front, with at least 2” between frame and the
art. If you are interested in having a painting, contact me and I
can give you more information.

I have published five books of my art with poems by myself and other poets, between 2005 and 2015:
Earth, Moon and Sun, 60 p.,2005;
Sand and Sky, 68 p., 2008;
Meet me at the Birdbath, 25 p.,2011 (with Birgid's House Poets);
Searching for the Blue Nugget, 94p., 2013;
Fire in the Birdbath 124p, 2015 (with poets).